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Vinyl LP Storage bench with Mid Century Modern Stylings

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This bench is the ideal solution to having records sitting all over your house and no place to sit. This is an original design, but with a strong influence of Mid Century | Danish Modern. The bench is roughly 67" long, 19" tall (20.5" tall if you include the cushion) and 14" deep. The cushion is 1.5" tall and is hemmed in by a 1/2" border. The table top surface next to the cushion is optional- the cushion could stretch the entire width of the bench if you prefer. You can choose a different fabric if you like, otherwise I will use the fabric in the photo. I can build this to be longer or shorter. If I build it to be 4 cubbies instead of 5 it comes out to 53.75" long. If I build it to 3 cubbies it will be 40.5" long. If you need it to be longer or some other size in between these sizes I can build a custom size (with a corresponding customization fee). My lead time for this bench is currently 3 to 5 weeks. If you have any questions please send me an Etsy conversation. To see more of my work visit or follow me on instagram @petedeeble. Savings available for local buyers-inquire for details.

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