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Vinyl LP Storage Bench Lo-Fi edition with Mid Century Modern Stylings

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This bench is the ideal solution to having records sitting all over your house and no place to sit. This is an original design, but with a strong influence of Mid Century | Danish Modern. The bench is roughly 67" long, 19" tall (20.5" tall if you include the cushion) and 14" deep. This version of the vinyl storage bench is functionally the same as my other version (the "Hi-Fi") but features exposed plywood edges and the cushion is secured to the top of the bench (not hemmed in by a border as in the other version). The wood is walnut-veneered plywood, with solid walnut legs. It is also available in white oak (see third picture) or cherry. This bench holds 300 to 400 records.

I can build this to be longer or shorter. If I build it to be 4 cubbies instead of 5 it comes out to 53.75" long. If I build it to 3 cubbies it will be 40.5" long. If you need it to be longer or some other size in between these sizes I can build a custom size (with a corresponding customization fee).

This bench is currently in inventory (in walnut) and ready for immediate shipment.

The cushion is available in five fabric options, as listed in the final picture.  Custom fabrics are also available, generally with a $50 customization fee. The bench ships anywhere in the continental US, or can be delivered in the LA area. 

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