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Vinyl LP Storage Bench Lo-Fi edition with Amplifier Shelf

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This bench is kissing cousin to the original lofi vinyl storage bench. All details are the same except the cubby on the right is 19" wide and has an adjustable shelf, allowing for your amplifier, tape deck, etc. to sit below and turntable on top (or, for that matter, the turntable and amplifier could be stored below). The three cubbies on the left are each about 15" wide.

This is an original design, but with a strong influence of Mid Century | Danish Modern. The bench is 67" long, 19" tall (20.5" tall if you include the cushion) and 13.75" deep. This version of the vinyl storage bench is functionally the same as my other version (the "Hi-Fi") but features exposed plywood edges and the cushion is secured to the top of the bench (not hemmed in by a border as in the other version). The wood is walnut-veneered plywood, with solid walnut legs.

This bench holds 200 to 300 records (or more if you use the big cubby for records instead of sound gear).

The cushion is available in 5 fabric options, as listed in the final picture.  Other custom fabrics are also available upon request, generally with a $50 customization fee. This bench has a lead time of 3 to 4 weeks and ships anywhere in the continental US, or can be delivered in the LA area.  Send an email with any questions or customization requests.

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