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HIFI Vinyl Storage Bench with Sliding Doors

Regular price $2,400.00
Regular price Sale price $2,400.00
This is the cat-proof version of the HIFI* vinyl storage bench from the Pete Deeble Furniture Studio. The sliding walnut doors are the perfect way to keep your vinyl safe from cat claws or curious toddlers, or just the perfect way to hide your mess.

Behind the doors are 6 equally spaced cubbies, each about 10.3" wide, 13.5" tall and about 13.5" of usable depth behind the doors- the perfect size for records, and big enough for your box sets. The total overall size of the bench is 67" long x 16.5" deep x 22" tall to the top of the cushion.

The fabric for the cushion can be swapped out, please inquire for specific fabric options.

I currently have this particular bench in stock and ready for shipment.

*The HIFI style is the name we give to benches that have finished, solid wood edges. This is our "high end" version of the bench, not to be confused with the LOFI which is our economy version.

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