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hi fi vinyl storage bench with component shelf

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This bench is the ideal solution to having records sitting all over your house and no place to sit. This is an original design, but with a strong influence of Mid Century | Danish Modern. The bench is roughly 67" long, 19" tall (20.5" tall if you include the cushion) and 14" deep. The cushion is 1.5" tall and is hemmed in by a 1/2" border. The table top surface next to the cushion is optional- the cushion could stretch the entire width of the bench if you prefer.

The cushion is available in five fabrics, as indicated in the final picture in the listing. If you'd like a different fabric not offered here please reach out for details.

This bench is exactly like the original hi-fi vinyl storage bench (see my other listings for reference) but has a wider section at the end with an adjustable shelf, which is the ideal place for an amplifier or other components. This section could also be used for books, 45s, CDs, board games, plants or anything else you can think of. This section is 19" wide and the other three openings are each 14.75" wide. My lead time on this one is around 3 to 4 weeks. 

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