• Classic Modern Assembly

    People often ask if the beds I build are difficult to assemble and/or how they go together.  I figured this might be helpful.

    You’ll start with this.  Actually, you’ll have a couple more screws than shown here, but basically you’ve got two bolts, a rachet/socket tool, a drill/driver and some screws.imageYour first step is to connect one of the side rails into the leg/toe rail assembly, inserting the dominoes into the domino slots.image

    Now drive two screws through the bracket into the toe rail.

    imageConnect the same side rail to the headrail/headboard/back leg assembly using the dominoes again.imageDrive one of the bolts through the back leg, into the female threading in the rail.  Don’t drive it tight yet- you’ll want to leave some play for getting the last rail inserted.  For now just drive it enough that it wont fall apart once you’re not holding it.imageNow slide the other side rail into the back and front leg at the same time.  It’s helpful to have two people to do this (one at each end), but it can be done with one person, as you can see.imageNow drive two screws in the front bracket and a bolt in the back for this final rail, and go back to snug up the bolt on the first rail.  Now the frame is assembled.  At this point you will just need to set the middle cross support in place (no tools necessary), adjust the height on the center foot (no tools) and place the slats down, evenly spacing them out.  Use a drill and provided screws to secure the slats, and you are done.  If your bed has storage there are a couple other steps left, but they are easy.

  • San Francisco, Again

    We borrowed the Delve Company van from our good friend Ryan to trek back up to San Francisco and deliver some beds, night stands and a dresser.  We ate good food, played at cool parks, went to a science museum, and generally took in the spirit of San Francisco.

  • Dresser

    I built this dresser for some great people in San Francisco.  They gave me the green light to design whatever dresser I wanted and this is the result.

  • More George Nelson inspiration

    I built this bed a few months ago and never really took the time to take good pictures of it.  In hindsight, I realize that was a mistake because this bed is pretty boss.  Solid walnut with walnut drawers, turned legs, thin platform.  The drawers have dividers and headboard is supported with metal brackets.

  • Bathroom Vanity Installed

    I built this vanity over a year ago for Long Beach resident Chef Jonathan. Now it has been installed and Jonathan was kind enough to send along a photo.  I love it.

  • Sewing Desk in Walnut

    Someone in New York who previously purchased some bedroom furniture from me asked if I would design a sewing table for him.  He had found a few that he liked searching around the internet but nothing that was actually available for purchase.  He wanted it to roll and to have an extension table that could fold down when not in use.  This is the result.

  • An old design resurfaced

    I came up with this bed design a few years ago, built a few like it, then lost interest in it.  A while back someone noticed it on my blog and asked me to build it for him, and I gladly obliged.  I was surprised to realize how much I like this design after all.  This bed is built from jatoba.image