• After nearly 5 years of toiling away in my 2-car garage I finally moved my shop into an actual industrial space this summer.  To celebrate the move, I threw a studio warming party with my neighboring studios, Nate Jones Fine Art and Compound Recording Studios.  It was a classy affair, complete with good people, gourmet barbecue, cheap beer, and raucous, loosely interpreted covers of classic 60′s pop tunes.  I somehow managed to worm my way on to the drum kit for a particularly rousing version of “House of the Rising Sun.”  Thanks to everyone who came out and contributed to the solid vibes!  All photos by Mike Dees.

  • Introducing The Louise Night Stand design.  It’s going to look great with the lean bed, the turned leg bed, pretty much any bed I think.  I’m stoked about it!

  • 8 ft. dresser

    This week I finished and delivered an 8 ft. dresser with 13 drawers and 3 cubby openings.  It was exhausting in many ways, especially because myself and some helpers had to lift it up 2 flights of stairs with tight 90 degree turns to get it up to its final destination.  I thought we might die in the process, but it was worth it because it looks so incredible in this space.  While I wait for better photographs, I’ll share this quick pic that I took with my phone.

  • Cantilevered Media Cabinet

    This Media cabinet is built from jatoba, and features canvas doors and brass pulls.  I built this to match the jotaba mantle in my family’s house.  It’s going to replace floating shelves that I installed a few years ago, which seemed like a great idea at the time but was actually just one hot mess of cords everywhere.image

  • Dresser Without Cubbies

    I occasionally get asked if I can build the dresser on my website without cubbies, and the answer is yes.  Not great pictures here, but really great grain arrangement on the drawer fronts.  This dresser was shipped and now resides in Washington, DC.image

  • George Nelson Style Bed with Perimeter

    I recently had a customer who requested a perimeter around the platform that would hem in the mattress and show off the walnut a bit more.  This is the result, which I really like.  Shown here with and without storage.



  • Teak Table

    I built this table as a commission recently.  The top has a nice floating effect and the base is light and minimal.  The final step was making some cutouts for planter boxes.  These are intended to be drink coolers, but it would be pretty sweet to put some succulents in there as well.  The table is roughly 4 ft. by 8 ft.

  • Cherry Classic Modern


    Lately I’ve been getting a lot of requests for American cherry wood, so I thought I would try to take some decent pictures of a recent bed built in this species to show what it looks like. image

    This bed also has an added bonus regarding the storage drawers: instead of sliding back a few inches behind the edge of the bed (which is the standard approach), they have extended drawer fronts that hide the drawer runners and create a nice facade.  Note the continuous grain on the drawer fronts.  The drawers become a bit more conspicuous this way, but if the drawer fronts look so beautiful then let them be seen, right?image